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Name:Shihouin Yoruichi
Birthdate:Jan 1

How can a good thing
7 come 11
Slip into a fare thee well
And how can one man's
Little bit o' Heaven
Turn into another man's Hell?

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Nine Lives - Hello lucky
Nine Lives - Live again
Nine Lives - It ain't over
Nine Lives - Try for ten

Shihouin Yoruichi

Age: Good question...
Race: Shinigami
Height: 156 cm (5'1")
Weight: 42 kg (92.6 lbs)
Birthdate: January 1
Zampakutou: Unknown
Sexuality: Wouldn't you like to know~


Played by:[info]kurodauchiha
Timezone: Pacific Standard [GMT -8]
AIM: Deadly Flute


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Fruitstyle designs

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cats, did i mention milk, food, kisuke, milk, soifon
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